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Relocating to Savannah for retirement causes various emotions for seniors in transition. The fresh start ignites excitement & anticipation, while locating a new place to call home can arouse anxiety & stress. Choosing the perfect place to live in Savannah is paramount to enjoying your golden years. Rather than choose a location on a whim, consider temporary housing in Savannah while you take the time necessary to learn the area, neighborhoods, traffic patterns, and figure out the ideal location for you to spend your retirement. View below the list of hotels and short-term living solutions in Savannah GA that are ideally suited for those retiring to Savannah....

Extended Stay Accommodations in Savannah GA

Visit to see Savannah's top listings for extended stay hotels & suites for today's retirees.  These furnished suites are available for rent short-term and offer fully-equipped kitchens, comfortable furnishings, and private bedrooms!

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Luxury Hotel in Savannah GA

The Inn at Ellis Square (known as the Grand Lady) is in Savannah's historic district on Bay Street. The hotel circa 1851 is steeped in the tradition of Southern hospitality & elegance.

Phone Numbers:

  • Toll Free Direct: (877) 542-7666
  • Group Sales: (912) 944-3282
  • Hotel Switchboard: (912) 236-4440
  • Fax To Sales: (912) 232-2725
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Fully-Furnished Apartments for Retirees

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